Dear Friends!

You are welcome to the greener world of ROSE Trust!

As you aware or be aware that your ROSE is a catalyst agency. It is both non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation.

You can partner with children, youth, women, unorganized labourers, farmers, agricultural labourers and artisans for initiating a participatory development process through ROSE.

Your ROSE is very much concerned about organic farming and climate change. Therefore,
all its other activities are directed towards achieving sustainable development with a humane face.

Mr. Athappan, a social activist, is the driving force behind it.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with information on organic farming, climate change responses, disaster risk reduction, child development activities, women empowerment processes, youth development, initiatives on organising the unorganised and networking.

You are most welcome to partner with us to bring an environment-friendly world fit for every living being.