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Farmer Producr Company

Inauguration of PFO
POFPCLRegistration Details
Operational Area of the PFO
Board of Directors
Shareholders / members details
Category of Shareholders
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Meeting, Training, Exposure visits
Nature of Business Activities
Business Model & Operations
Value added products
Crop wise / Variety wise area under cultivation of the PFO farmers
Purchase and sale, volume and value
Turnover of the PFO
Business Plan of FPC


ROSE initiated a Farmer Producer Company by name Pudukkottai Organic Farmers Producer Company Ltd., (POFPCL), in 2013. It got it registered under sub section (2) of section 7 of The Companies Act, 2013. Prior to involving in the registration process, ROSE started a consultation process with farmers and Agricultural Scientists. It organized a consultation meeting at Agricultural Business Centre (ABC) Thiruvarakulam on 23 December 2013. Vrutti Livelihood Resource Centre, Bangaluru, a Resource Institution, facilitated the formation of POFPCL.

Inauguration of PFO:

District Collector Mr. Ganesh, IAS, inaugurated the PFO on 10 April 2015. The Department of Agriculture provided millet processing machineries like Dehuller, Destoner, Grader cum Cleaner under the IAMWARM scheme.


POFPCL envisions a sustainable livelihood for farmers providing poison free food for all and involving the future generation in wealthy agriculture.


To support and take initiatives for an end to end services in agriculture and allied production and marketing so as to generate sustainable and respectful livelihood to small and marginal farmers.

POFPCL Registration Details:

Registration Number: U01400TN2014PTC096992 dated 19 August 2014

DIC: 330222107743E, dated 22 November 2014

FSSAI: 22414160000115 dated 22 December 2014

TIN: 33636278652 dated 19 January 2015


Operational Area of the PFO:

It has so far covered 52 villages in Annavasal, Arimalam, Kunnandarkovil and Pudukkottai blocks of Pudukkottai district in Tamil Nadu.

Board of Directors:

There are 15 Board of Directors, of which 11 are males and 4 are females (26%). It is represented by 86% of small farmers.

Shareholders / members details:

POFPCL has enrolled 1028 farmers with 1000 farmers as shareholders. Each shareholders has 100 shares with a value of Rs. 10 each. Thus POFPCL has an authorised capital of Rs. one million and a paid up capital of another one million.

Category of Shareholders:

There are 418 male shareholders (44%) and 530 female shareholders (56%). There are 929 small and marginal farmers constituting 98% of the total shareholders. Big farmers constitute 19 representing just 2% of the total shareholders.

Annual General Meeting (AGM):

The first AGM of POFPCL was held on 03 July 2015 at Town Hall, Pudukkottai. 400 shareholders participated in the AGM.

The District Collector, Mr. Ganesh IAS, inaugurated and Deputy Director (AB) Mr. Mohamed Abdul Nazeer and other officials also participated.

Meeting, Training, Exposure visits:

  • Training to CEO (3 days) and 2 days training to BoDs organized
  • FIG Meeting at Village level
  • Training and Exposure visit organized for FIG members
  • Regular Board meeting was organized at FPC

Nature of Business Activities:

POFPCL is involved in procurement, processing and value addition of indigenous paddy, millets, pulses and oilseeds.

Business Model & Operations:

FPC Members are individual shareholders as well as institutions (group of farmers)
DLF District level Federation (Members are representatives of BLFs)
BLF Block Level Federation (Members are representatives of village level organizations)
Village Level Individual and SHGs, Farmers clubs, JLGs, Women Group, Men Group etc.

Value added products:

Products >Value added products >Products Value added Products
Indigenous Rice Mappillai samba raw rice Millet Rice Varagu Raw Rice
Mappillai Samba Par boiled unpolished rice Varagu Boiled Rice
Mappillai samba semi polished par boiled (Idli) rice Kuthirai vali Raw Rice
Thooyamalli Rice Kuthiraivali - Boiled Rice
Kavuni rice Samai Raw Rice
Millet Rice Ragi Thinai - Raw Rice
Kambu Irungu cholam rice
Pulses Horse Gram (white kollu) Thinai & Kambu Flour
Horse Gram (Black kollu) Oil Items Coconut Oil
Black gram (Spitted) Gingelly Oil
Redgram dhal Groundnut Oil
Flour - Millet & Rice Millet Nutritious Flour Millet Flakes Varagu aval
Millet Dosa Mix Irungu Cholam aval
Ragi Flour Mappillai samba aval
Mappillai samba puttu flour (roasted) Nattusakarai


POFPCL is selling 70% of its produce to whole sellers based out in Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Kanniakumari and Bengalore. POFPCL is selling 30% of the processed products in retail on cash and carry basis.

Crop wise / Variety wise area under cultivation of the PFO farmers:

S. No Products Quantity
01 Thooyamalli paddy 75
02 Mapplilai samba paddy 122
03 Karuppu kavuni 90
04 Karunguruvai 5
05 Milagi 12
06 Poongar 10
07 Kodo millet 120
08 Little millet 40
09 Foxtail millet 59
10 Barnyard millet 75
11 Ragi 70
12 Sorghum 180
13 Horsegram (2 varieties)x 92
14 Redgram 325
15 Groudnut 317
16 Sesame 152

Purchase and sale, volume and value:

Type of product Purchase Value added sales Grain sales
Indigenous Paddy Quantity Value Quantity Value Quantity Value
2014-2015 46,386 77,2673 13,437 8,33,050 3,358 87,321
2015-2016 15,714 4,35,276 16,790 10,31,074 2,892 76,790
Millets Quantity Value Quantity Value Quantity Value
2014-2015 33,940 7,44,402 17,371 14,26,186 259 9,800
2015-2016 6,035 1,56,038 18,851 15,68,094 1,970 52,080

Turnover of the PFO:

Year Amount in INR
2014-15 4,36,322
2015-16 (upto Jan 16) 27,45,198
2015-16 (upto Feb 16) 31,38,888

Business Plan of FPC:

Sr. No. Crop Expected procurement (Quantities) Expected procurement price (Rs.) Total cost of procurement (Rs.) Time of procurement Sales Price (Rs./Qty)
01 Mappilai Samba Paddy 100 3,770 3,77,000 Feb to March 5,600
02 Karuppu Kavuni Paddy 100 7,370 7,77,000 Feb to March 12,500
03 Thooyamalli Paddy 100 3,270 3,27,000 Feb to March 6,000
04 Redgram 50 10,070 5,03,500 Feb to March 16,000
05 Blackgram 50 10,570 5,28,500 Apr to May 19,000
06 Horsegram (Black and White) 30 4,570 1,37,100 Feb to March 7,000
07 Groundnut 50 8,055 4,02,750 Apr to May 18,000
08 Barn Yard Millet 50 4,020 2,01,000 June to Dec 8,000
09 Kodo Millet 50 3,820 1,91,000 February 7,000
10 Foxtail Millet 50 4,370 2,18,500 Nov to Jan 7,000
11 Little millet 50 4,870 2,43,500 February 4,000
12 Finger Millet (Ragi) 50 3,670 1,83,000 June to Dec 5,000
13 Pearl Millet 30 3,970 1,19,100 February 4,000
14 Sorghum 50 2,870 1,43,500 Jan to Feb 6,000
15 Coconut 30 9,380 2,81,400 Round the year 20,000
16 Sesamum 100 9,380 9,38,000 March to May 23,000