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Youth Empowerpment

Internal Monitoring
Need Analysis
Psychosocial Support
Health Support
Family Support
Support Program School (Educational Support)
Children and Youth Centre
Skill Training
Education Support (Other income generation skill)
Job Placement
Awareness Work Child Rights
Organization Activity Group
Preparation of Information and Training Materials

Internal Monitoring:

ROSE conducts Review meetings with staff members regularly as part of its Internal Monitoring System to get updated in knowledge and skills, to review the progress, to plan for future, and to document best practices evolved.

The system helps to track changes to initiate corrective measures towards reaching the objectives. ROSE is documenting the positive cascading effects on the larger community / other members of the family as a result of positive changes at individual level among adolescent girls.

Need Analysis:

ROSE conducted need analysis in Arimalam block and nearby blocks such as Thirumayam and Thiruvarankulam blocks of Pudukkottai District involving 839 girls. The need analysis helped ROSE to identify adolescent girls working outside their villages, specifically in various garment units in Thirupur, Coimbatore, Erode, Karur, Sivagangai and other districts. This exercise enabled ROSE to identify school dropout among girls and their interests in pursuing their education.

ROSE has prepared a profile of such girls for initiating exclusive efforts in mainstreaming them into formal education system during the academic year.

Psychosocial Support:

ROSE has appointed an experienced and qualified Counsellor for psychosocial care and support. The counselling process includes both individual counselling and family counselling. ROSE is maintaining an exclusive file for the affected girls. Some of these girls are the victims of extreme eccentric personality problem of their fathers and they are at the verge of mental breakup. ROSE is extending special handholding support to prevent any potential disaster in the family.

Health Support:

ROSE organizes health awareness programmes in RRC centre in collaboration with the department of Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) benefiting adolescent girls. Each health awareness programme is followed by health camps. ROSE gives special attention to adolescent girls rescued from Sumangali Scheme for Medical check-up.

Health camps and medical check-ups helped ROSE to identify girls with low in body weight detected during BMI screening. They also identified problems related to ENT and Eye, menstrual, backbone problems and anaemia. It helped ROSE to find out the fact that these problems are prevailing mostly among adolescents who are working in the Sumangali Scheme.

So as to overcome the problem of anaemia, ROSE arranged regular supply of iron tablets for these girls as a follow-up measure with the support of ICDS. However, instead of relying on the intake of tablets, ROSE made them aware of the importance consuming locally available nutritional vegetables and fruits and green leaves. ROSE took steps to get the Horticulture department to supply of seed kit for raising kitchen garden of some nutritional rich vegetables.

Family Support:

Under the Family Support Program, ROSE helps poor families to obtain welfare benefits from the government. It motivates senior citizens to apply for Old Age Pension (OAP), women to avail maternity benefits, couples to obtain marriage benefits, and facilitating labourers from unorganized sector to obtain Identity Cards and various benefits under Social Security Scheme.

Support Program School (Educational Support):

ROSE used to organize Life Skill Training and Carrier Guidance Program for girls at school levels.

ROSE organized extra coaching classes for girls who are continuing education through distance learning mode and regular school. This helped girls to score over and above 70 percent. Moreover, adolescent girls who discontinued education and worked in garment industries for two years are now continuing their education through distance learning mode.

Children and Youth Centre:

Children and youth centre established in some of the target villages with the participation of children. ROSE supplies the centre with sports and teaching materials. It appointed a trained teacher to train the children and the youth.

ROSE organizes week long programs for youth to prepare seed balls to grow more trees in vacant areas in villages.

Skill Training:

ROSE designed a 9-month course module on tailoring with the participation of girl beneficiaries. It trained girls batch-wise and equipped them with tailoring skills.

ROSE carried out an assessment of 'Skill Training Impact Appraisal' with the participation of girls who attended the skills training. The study results are very impressive showing few positive trends.

As against their bitter experience at the cost of their modestly, safety, health and in Sumangali Scheme, the girls now remain in their families and lead their lives with self-dignity and self-esteem. ROSE has also given Life Skills training to girls.

Education Support (Other income generation skill):

ROSE facilitated acquisition of employable skills to identified and selected beneficiaries. They were given opportunities to equip with skills in Computer, beautician, driving, nursing, fashion designing, mobile service, and gold standard testing. They gained knowledge and marketable skills to involve in specific income generation activities to earn a decent income./p>

Job Placement:

ROSE established contacts with local district level 'Chamber of Commerce and Trade' and industries and enterprises and explored the possibilities of job placements for trained girls. They promised to look into the request and accommodate these girls on priority basis. ROSE motivated educated girls to apply for various posts in TNPSC examination.

ROSE mobilized unemployed and educated girls to participate in the Job Mela organized at Employment Office. Due to our concerted efforts, girls are placed in different jobs locally and nearby areas. Now they are earning a decent income of Rs.6,000 to Rs.10,000 per month.

Awareness Work Child Rights:

ROSE organized village level community meetings focusing mainly on the plight of young women and adolescent girls in textile industries. Women and adolescent girls participated in such meetings. It also organized block level meetings. Consequently, the participation of women in Grama Sabha meetings of Panchayats has increased remarkably.

During such Grama Sabha meetings in Panchayats, the women voiced their concerns and insisted to pass resolution for protecting the lives of adolescent girls. Eventually, resolutions were passed prohibiting adolescent girls to get employed in most exploitative and unregulated garment factory units under Saumangali Scheme. Instead, they insisted on taking remedial measures to continue their academic education, or having alternative sills training so that local jobs and decent livelihood opportunities are attained.

Organization Activity Group:

ROSE has already initiated 16 Adolescent Girls Collectives (AGCs) in 12 villages and they have formed their federation at district level.

ROSE organized village level meetings exclusively for adolescent girls. It also organized a Conference at district highlighting the rights and issues of working girls. It was followed by a rally in Pudukkottai town (from the district court to town hall). The District Judges inaugurated the rally. Officer of the Social Welfare Board Ms Renuka, gave a speech on the rights of the girl child in the context of human trafficking and growing atrocities on girls and working women.

Preparation of Information and Training Materials:

ROSE prepared, printed and distributed IEC material on 'Rights of Girl Child' and key provisions of POCSO Act. Moreover, handbills and IEC materials were widely distributed during the public rally on the Rights of the Girl Child.